A to Z in the elderly :

Delirium (sudden onset of confusion)
Decubitus Ulcers (bed sores)
Dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing)
Depression (feeling low in mood)
Dementia (forgetfulness)
Diminished vision (poor eye sight)
Dizziness (giddiness)
Diet hygiene (healthy diet)
Dysphasia (speech difficulty)
Dangerous drugs
Dribbling of urine (Leak or incontinence of urine)
Tremulous hands (‘shakes’)
Pain control
Frequent falls / Unsteady gait (walk)
Weight loss
Renal failure (kidney failure)
Generalized itching
Arthralgia (joint pain)
Shortness of breath (breathlessness)
Frequent voiding (urination)
Care giver ‘burn out’(coping problems)
Insomnia (Sleeplessness)

Anyone (aged 60 years or more)with any of the above problems can benefit from the services of Ahalia Geriatric Clinic, at Ahalia Diabetes Hospital. Working hours include: Mon to Fri (09:00 AM -05:00 PM)


Please come in an empty stomach, if you are interested to have a Geriatric Health Check (includes: Blood tests, Urine test, Chest X ray, Ultrasound abdomen and an E.C.G.)
Please bring the medicines (tablets, syrups, injections etc.) along with the previous prescriptions
Please ensure that you arrive at least 10 minutes before time
Please bring a copy of your previous test results, including any films (M.R.I. or C.T. or X ray films)
Do not forget to give your valuable feedback at the end of the consultation, to improve the services

For further enquiries, please feel free to contact:

Secretary, Ahalia Geriatric Clinic, Ahalia Diabetes Hospital, Palakkad, Kerala-678557. Ph: 04923-225555 Email:

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